Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey es el primer juego de Mario en un mundo abierto desde Super Mario 64 para Nintendo 64 y Super Mario Sunshine para Nintendo GameCube. El título, totalmente tridimensional o en 3D, se desarrolla en el planeta Tierra, ya que Mario deja el Reino Champiñón para embarcarse en un viaje por lugares misteriosos y vivir nuevas aventuras a bordo de una aeronave, demostrando el hábil manejo de su gorra, ya que gracias a ella Mario puede tomar el control de los enemigos. En el juego hay mucho plataformeo, secretos y sorpresas, pero también abundantes partes de acción y hasta pruebas que parecen puzles. Hablando de objetos: en cada escenario de Super Mario Odyssey se esconden entre 30 y 50 lunas, pero además el jugador puede recogerlas en el orden que desee y jugando como guste.

Gracias a su nuevo amigo Cappy, Mario tiene nuevos movimientos en el juego como lanzamiento de sombrero, Salto Sombrero o captura. Con captura, Mario puede tomar el control de todo tipo de cosas, incluidos objetos y enemigos. Además el juego cuenta con modo cooperativo en el que el primer jugador controla a Mario y el segundo jugador maneja a la gorra de Mario, más conocida como Cappy.

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Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution

Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution

The first Robot Unicorn was a Facebook classic, and the sequel ups the ante in just about every way. Now there are more animals, more power-ups, and… well, still just the one song. But who would want to change that? Best of all, it’s the rare Facebook game that’s cool enough that you won’t mind if it tells your friends you’re playing it.

A Good Match for: Erasure fans, panda fans, unicorn fans, people who like colors.

Not for Those Who Want: A game without Erasure, pandas, unicorns and colors.

Robot Rising

Robot Rising doesn’t look or play like any other game on Facebook. While other developers dabble with a blend of hardcore and social gameplay on the platform, Stomp Games stays true to its name, stomping in and laying down a full-fledged robot-powered action role-playing game with stunning graphics, explosive sound and a little base management thrown in to keep the more casual players from getting lost in a sea of exploding machine bits. There is no begging friends here—just gifting, should the mood hit you.

A Good Match for: Action RPG fans looking for a quick fix. With a never-ending supply of randomly-generated missions, fans of games like Torchlight and Diablo looking for something little, mechanical and different will be in click-to-kill heaven.

Not for Those Who Want: A relaxing city management sim. While building your base is a part of the process, Robot Rising‘s core experience is about exploring dungeons and blowing the hell out of anything that moves.

PixelJunk Monsters Online

PixelJunk Monsters Online
Q-Games crafted an incredibly sticky, punishingly difficult single-player game for the PS3 a few years back. PixelJunk Monsters Online takes the same game and migrates it to the Web, where you’re not only defending territory but expanding it as well.

A Good Match for: Alpha males and females. The social overlay for PMOturns friends into rivals and encourages you to grab at their grasslands. It’s finally your chance to be a video game boss. Make everyone proud, okay?

Not for Those Who Want: To be isolationists. All the action happens on a shared world map, which means someone will come gunning for you. Be ready.

Legends: Rise of a Hero

Legends: Rise of a Hero is what is being referred to as a “midcore” game, one that combines the action mechanics of a “hardcore” game with the more leisurely aspects of casual games. When players aren’t busy cultivating their home base, populating it with shops to craft items and buildings to generate gold coins, they’re out in the wilderness alone or grouped with AI-controlled companions, battling creatures and completing quests.

A Good Match for: Casual players looking for a little more action. While more hardcore gamers might not appreciate the slower pace of Legends, it’s the perfect game to acquaint the farmers and city-builders of Facebook with the other side of gaming.

Not for Those Who Want: To sit back and watch their game happen.

The Grinns Tale

The biggest surprise about Nexon’s social game is how it manages to capture the quirky feel of SNES-era RPGs in the unlikeliest of places, Facebook. The art design is adorably idiosyncratic, the music rousing and poignant and, most importantly, the adventure builds to pleasant crescendos.

A Good Match for: Team builders. Players will have to venture inside an eldritch tower to battle evil creatures and maintain a virtual village that they’ll cull supplies and allies from. You build houses to get new settlers, who then man the pubs and shops that make armor and food. Townsfolk can also be made to pitch in certain tasks to speed them up. When all the pieces of the experience are humming along, it really feels like you’re in control of a mighty, monster-fighting machine full of tiny, weird-looking people.

Not for Those Who Want: . Collaboration. While villagers will get their names from your Facebook friends—who can give you gifts—there’s no really significant way for those other human beings to influence your progress in the game.

Empires & Allies

Empires & Allies

This Zynga game finally realized a proper purpose for the virtual real estate you build on Facebook: to make that airplanes rain death on your frenemies. Invading your friends’ towns starts a turn-based conflict that happens on land, sea or air. Who needs crops?

A Good Match for: Advance Wars fans. Who knows when Nintendo’s going to update its classic strategy franchise? E&A‘s a good substitute—complete with storyline and boss fights—that you can play with dedicated hardware.

Not for Those Who Want: A solo experience. You still need friends to wage war against. So get ready to piss some acquaintance off and get to fighting it out.